About us

Established in 2023, SamacharMarathi.com is a dynamic global news portal dedicated to providing comprehensive and timely news from around the world. Our platform is known for its broad coverage of international events, cultural insights, and in-depth analysis of current affairs.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to keep our readers informed and connected with world events, offering a diverse range of news stories that matter. We envision SamacharMarathi.com as a leading source for global news, bridging geographical and cultural gaps through accurate and engaging journalism.

Reach and Influence

SamacharMarathi.com has rapidly grown into a respected source for international news, often cited by major global media outlets. Our influence stretches across continents, providing perspectives on significant global happenings and trends.

Founding and Team

SamacharMarathi.com was founded by Aarav Mehta, a seasoned journalist with a passion for global affairs. Our team consists of experienced and diverse professionals committed to delivering quality news content.

News Coverage Categories

  • International Affairs: Comprehensive coverage of global political, economic, and social events.
  • Cultural Insights: Exploring diverse cultures and societal developments around the world.
  • Business and Economy: In-depth analysis of international business trends and economic policies.
  • Science and Technology: Latest advancements and innovations shaping our future.
  • Environmental Issues: Reporting on crucial environmental concerns and sustainability.
  • Editorial Integrity We are dedicated to maintaining the highest journalistic standards, ensuring the reliability and authenticity of our news.

Partnerships and Collaborations

SamacharMarathi.com works closely with international correspondents and experts to deepen the scope and accuracy of our reporting.

Contact and Interaction

We encourage reader engagement through our website and social media platforms for any inquiries, feedback, or story ideas.

Future Goals

We aim to expand our reach, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to make global news more interactive and accessible.

The Dynamic Team Behind SamacharMarathi.com

Our platform is powered by a skilled and diverse team, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise.

The Core Team of SamacharMarathi.com

  • Aarav Mehta, M.A. in International Journalism Role: Founder and Chief Editor Background: Specializes in global political and cultural reporting.
  • Neha Singh, B.A. in Communication Studies Role: Deputy Editor Background: Expert in multimedia journalism and digital trends.
  • Rohan Patel, B.S. in Environmental Science Role: Environment and Science Reporter Background: Focuses on ecological issues and scientific developments.
  • Isha Gupta, B.A. in Economics Role: Business Correspondent Background: Provides insights into global economic trends and business news.
  • Aditya Kumar, M.S. in Computer Science Role: Technology Reporter Background: Covers technological innovations and their global impact.

Each member of the SamacharMarathi.com team plays a crucial role in delivering diverse and comprehensive news, connecting our audience with the important happenings around the globe.