Cedrick Juan Parents: Pablo L. Juan And Mary Ann Juan

cedrick juan parents pablo l juan and mary ann juan

Cedrick Juan, a prominent Filipino actor and model, owes his success to the profound influence of his parents, Pablo L. Juan and Mary Ann Juan. Their unwavering support and guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping his career in the Philippine film industry. This article delves into the lives of Cedrick’s parents and their impact on his journey.

Summary Table

ActorCedrick Juan
FatherPablo L. Juan, Vice-Mayor of Santa Maria, Bulacan
MotherMary Ann Juan, supportive wife and mother
Notable Work“Gomburza,” Best Actor at 49th MMFF
EducationBA in Mass Communication, Far Eastern University, Manila
HometownSanta Maria, Bulacan
Parental ImpactGuidance, nurturing, and support in personal and career aspects

Cedrick Juan’s Early Life and Education

Cedrick Juan, a native of Santa Maria, Bulacan, embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry backed by his educational prowess. A graduate of Far Eastern University in Manila, with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, Juan’s academic background contributed significantly to his multifaceted talents in acting and modeling.

Pablo L. Juan: A Father’s Influence

Pablo L. Juan, Cedrick’s father, is a notable political figure in Santa Maria, Bulacan. Elected as the Municipal Vice-Mayor in 2022, Pablo has been a beacon of leadership and resilience.

Cedrick Juan Parents at a spay and neuter event with their son. (Source: Instagram)

His commitment to the community and active involvement in animal welfare have not only impacted the community positively but also inspired Cedrick in his artistic pursuits. Pablo’s journey in public service and his empathy towards all living beings are a testament to his character and the values he has instilled in his family.

Mary Ann Juan: The Pillar of Support

Mary Ann Juan, Cedrick’s mother, may not be as publicly recognized as her husband, but her contributions to the family and community are equally significant. Known for her devotion to her family, Mary Ann is the cornerstone of the Juan household.

Her participation in her husband’s community service initiatives and her presence on social media, albeit minimal, show her dedication to family values and community welfare. Mary Ann’s role as a supportive wife and mother has been integral to Cedrick’s success.

Cedrick Juan’s Career Highlights

Cedrick Juan’s acting career took a significant turn with his remarkable performance in the historical film “Gomburza,” where he portrayed José Burgos. This role earned him the Best Actor award at the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival in Quezon City, marking him as a formidable talent in Philippine cinema.

His portrayal of a priest executed during Spain’s colonial rule showcased his exceptional acting skills and established him as a significant figure in the industry.

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The Significance of Family in Cedrick Juan’s Life

The Juan family’s close-knit bond and mutual support have been fundamental in Cedrick’s rise to fame. The nurturing environment provided by Pablo and Mary Ann Juan has enabled Cedrick to pursue his passions while staying grounded in the values they instilled.

Cedrick Juan Parents (Source: Instagram)

Despite achieving stardom, Cedrick maintains a respectful privacy regarding his family, reflecting his down-to-earth nature and deep respect for his roots.

The Impact of Parental Guidance on Cedrick’s Career

The influence of Cedrick Juan’s parents extends beyond mere support; it encompasses the shaping of his perspectives and values. Pablo’s leadership and community involvement, coupled with Mary Ann’s quiet strength and support, have been instrumental in Cedrick’s personal and professional development. Their roles in his life, filled with encouragement and wisdom, have significantly contributed to his success in the challenging landscape of Philippine cinema.

Cedrick Juan’s journey, from a young graduate in Mass Communication to a celebrated actor in the Philippines, is a story of talent, hard work, and, most importantly, familial support. His parents, Pablo L. Juan and Mary Ann Juan, have been pivotal figures in his life, providing him with the foundation to excel in his career. Their influence is evident in Cedrick’s achievements and his approach to life, both on and off the screen.

The Artistic Journey of Cedrick Juan

Cedrick Juan’s ascent in the Philippine film industry is a testament to his artistic prowess and the strong foundation laid by his parents. His role in “Gomburza” not only showcased his acting skills but also highlighted his ability to bring historical figures to life.

The recognition he received at the Metro Manila Film Festival is not just a personal achievement but also a reflection of the support and values instilled in him by Pablo and Mary Ann Juan.

Pablo L. Juan: A Source of Inspiration

Pablo L. Juan’s role as the Vice-Mayor of Santa Maria, Bulacan, and his dedication to animal welfare and community service have been influential in shaping Cedrick’s perspective towards life and his career.

Pablo’s commitment to public service and his empathy for all living beings have served as a guiding light for Cedrick, inspiring him to excel in his artistic endeavors while remaining true to his roots.

Mary Ann Juan: The Unsung Hero

Mary Ann Juan, though less visible in the public eye, has been a constant source of strength and support for Cedrick. Her involvement in community service alongside her husband and her nurturing presence have provided Cedrick with a stable and loving environment, essential for his growth as an individual and an artist.

Mary Ann is a pillar of support for her husband and son. (Source: Instagram)

Legacy and Values in Cedrick Juan’s Life

The legacy of Pablo and Mary Ann Juan is evident in Cedrick’s approach to his career and life. Their influence extends beyond the confines of familial support, shaping Cedrick’s values, ethics, and approach towards his profession.

The principles of leadership, empathy, and community service, exemplified by his parents, have been ingrained in Cedrick, making him not just a successful actor but also a responsible and empathetic individual.

The Influence of Family Values

The family values of the Juan household are deeply embedded in Cedrick’s personality. His respect for privacy, despite being a public figure, his grounded nature despite his fame, and his dedication to his craft are all reflective of the upbringing provided by his parents.

They have instilled in him a sense of responsibility, not just towards his family but also towards his community and the environment.


Cedrick Juan’s journey in the Philippine film industry continues to be a source of inspiration for many. His achievements are not just his own but are also the fruits of the unwavering support and guidance of his parents, Pablo L. Juan and Mary Ann Juan.

Their influence in his life is a testament to the power of strong familial bonds and the impact they can have on one’s career and personal growth.

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