Devon Aoki Parents: Father Rocky And Mother Pamela Hillberger

Devon Aoki Parents

Explore the fascinating lives of Devon Aoki’s parents, Rocky Aoki and Pamela Hillberger, and their influence on her career and personal development.

Summary Table

Father’s NameRocky Aoki
Mother’s NamePamela Hillberger
Father’s CareerRestaurateur, Powerboat Racer, Amateur Wrestler
Mother’s CareerJewelry Designer
Family BackgroundJapanese-American (Father), German-English Ancestry (Mother)
SiblingsIncluding Steve Aoki

Devon Aoki Parents: Meet Father Rocky

Rocky Aoki, Devon Aoki’s father, was a man of many talents. As a restaurateur, he founded the renowned Benihana Inc. in 1964. His accolades in wrestling and powerboat racing paint a picture of a determined and versatile individual. The diverse aspects of Rocky’s life undoubtedly influenced Devon’s approach to her career.

Rocky Aoki married thrice, with Pamela Hillberger being his second wife and Devon’s mother. Besides Devon, Rocky fathered seven children, including musician Steve Aoki. His life story reflects a blend of personal and professional accomplishments.

Devon Aoki Parents: Meet Mother Pamela Hillberger

Devon Aoki’s father, Rocky Aoki, was a restaurateur, powerboat racer, and amateur racer. (Source:

Pamela Hillberger, Devon Aoki’s mother, is recognized for her work as a jewelry designer. With German and English ancestry, Pamela’s cultural background added to the diversity of Devon’s upbringing. The artistic environment fostered by Pamela may have played a role in shaping Devon’s creative sensibilities.

Devon shares a special bond with her mother, Pamela, evident from their public appearances and interactions. The influence of her mother’s creativity and work ethic is likely reflected in Devon’s multifaceted career in modeling and acting.

Devon Aoki’s Siblings

Devon Aoki’s upbringing was unique, surrounded by siblings who have also carved their paths in different fields. Her brother, Steve Aoki, has made a name for himself in the music industry. The family environment, enriched by diverse talents and professions, provided a stimulating backdrop for Devon’s growth.

Devon Aoki’s Journey: From Fashion to Film

Devon Aoki’s journey in the fashion world began at a young age, influenced by the artistic and entrepreneurial environment created by her parents. Growing up with such diverse cultural and professional exposure, Devon was destined to carve her unique path.

Rocky Aoki’s Cultural Heritage

Rocky Aoki’s Japanese heritage played a significant role in Devon’s early life, introducing her to a mix of Eastern and Western cultures. This blend of cultural influences is evident in Devon’s versatile modeling style and choice of roles in her acting career.

Pamela Hillberger’s artistic flair, being a jewelry designer, surrounded Devon with creativity and elegance from an early age. This exposure to the arts undoubtedly contributed to Devon’s keen eye for fashion and her eventual success in the modeling industry.

Modeling Career: A Reflection of Diverse Influences

Devon Aoki’s entry into the modeling world at the age of 13 was a bold statement against traditional norms. Her unique look, a blend of her father’s Japanese roots and her mother’s German-English ancestry, challenged the conventional standards of beauty in the fashion industry.

Devon quickly became a sought-after model for high-end fashion brands. Her collaborations with designers like Chanel and Versace showcased her ability to blend her diverse cultural background with contemporary fashion trends, creating a unique style that resonated with audiences worldwide.

Transition to Acting: A New Realm of Expression

Devon’s transition from modeling to acting was a natural progression, given her family’s background in entertainment. Her debut in the film industry allowed her to explore new avenues of artistic expression, further showcasing the multifaceted talent she inherited from her parents.

Selective and Impactful Performances

Devon Aoki parents: FathRocky Aoki and Mother, Pamela Hillberger. (Source: Instagram)

Devon’s choice of roles in movies like “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City” demonstrated her ability to select characters that resonated with her personal journey and artistic inclinations. Her performances in these films received acclaim, marking her as a versatile artist capable of crossing the boundaries between fashion and film.

Personal Growth and Future Endeavors

Devon’s journey is not just about her professional achievements but also her personal growth. As a mother and wife, she has skillfully balanced her career with her family life, a trait she likely adopted from her parents’ ability to juggle diverse roles and responsibilities.

Philanthropy and Social Causes

Following in her father’s footsteps, Devon has shown an interest in philanthropy and social causes. Her involvement in various charitable initiatives reflects the values instilled in her by her parents, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.

FAQ on Devon Aoki’s Parents

Who is Devon Aoki’s dad?

Devon Aoki’s father was Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, a Japanese-American entrepreneur and wrestler. He was best known as the founder of the Benihana restaurant chain.

Who is Devon Aoki’s mother?

Devon Aoki’s mother is Pamela Hilburger, a jewelry designer of German and English descent.

Is Devon Aoki full Japanese?

No, Devon Aoki is not full Japanese. She is of mixed ethnicity: half Japanese (from her father’s side) and part German and English (from her mother’s side).

Is Steve Aoki and Devon Aoki related?

Yes, Steve Aoki and Devon Aoki are related. They are half-siblings, sharing the same father, Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, but having different mothers​


As Devon continues her journey in the entertainment and fashion industry, she carries forward the legacy of her parents. Her future endeavors, whether in modeling, acting, or beyond, are anticipated to reflect the rich tapestry of her family’s cultural heritage and the diverse influences that have shaped her life.

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