Dimitrius Cannon Arrested for Arson at FOX 5 Station: Victim Identified as Dentist – Latest Updates 2024

In a startling incident that gripped the community, Dimitrius Cannon was arrested for committing arson at the FOX 5 station in Kearny Mesa, marking a significant development in a case that has caused widespread concern. This article delves into the details of the arrest, the court proceedings, and the implications of this act of arson.

41-year-old Dimitrius Cannon found himself in custody following a calculated attack on the FOX 5 station, where he set multiple vehicles ablaze. Captured on surveillance footage, Cannon’s actions led to his arrest and subsequent court appearance, where he pleaded not guilty to six charges of felony arson. This case has not only highlighted the dangers of arson but also raised questions about security measures at media stations.

During his first court appearance, the judge made a pivotal decision to prohibit the media from showing Cannon’s face, emphasizing the seriousness of the case. The charges against Cannon include the deliberate setting of fires that destroyed property and endangered lives, showcasing a blatant disregard for public safety and property.

Surveillance Footage and Witness Accounts

The evidence against Cannon is substantial, with surveillance footage showing him attempting to ignite a fire at the building’s entrance before successfully setting fire to three employee vehicles. A witness’s quick action in calling 9-1-1 played a crucial role in the response to the incident, highlighting the importance of community vigilance.

Thanks to the quick-thinking FOX 5 employees and the swift response from law enforcement, Cannon was apprehended while still wearing the same clothes seen in the surveillance footage. His arrest shed light on his criminal history, including a parole status from a prior robbery, painting a picture of a troubled individual.

FAQs: Understanding the Incident

What charges is Dimitrius Cannon facing?

Cannon is facing six charges of felony arson, with the potential for a significant prison sentence if convicted.

How was Dimitrius Cannon caught?

A combination of surveillance footage, a witness report, and community tips led to Cannon’s arrest by the San Diego police.

What was the extent of the damage caused by the arson?

The arson resulted in the complete destruction of one vehicle and damage to others, highlighting the reckless endangerment of property and public safety.

What is the significance of this case?

This case underscores the importance of security measures at media stations and the broader implications of arson on community safety and property.


The arrest of Dimitrius Cannon for arson at the FOX 5 station serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of criminal actions and the importance of community and law enforcement collaboration. As the case progresses, it remains a focal point for discussions on security, public safety, and the justice system’s role in addressing such egregious acts.

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