Is Shane Bond &Troy Bond Brother? Age Gap

Is Shane Bond, Troy Bond Brother

Australian rules football has seen many talented players, but the relationship between Shane Bond and Troy Bond particularly stands out. Are Shane Bond and Troy Bond brothers?

This question often arises among fans of the Australian Football League (AFL). In this article, we delve into their family ties and careers to shed light on their connection.

Summary Table

RelationshipShane Bond and Troy Bond are brothers
Shane Bond’s CareerFormer Australian rules footballer in the AFL
Troy Bond’s CareerPremiership-winning former player in the AFL
Age GapShane (48 years old), Troy (50 years old)

Are Shane Bond and Troy Bond Brothers?

Shane Bond and Troy Bond share not only a last name but also a familial bond – they are brothers. Both have left their mark in the AFL, although they played for different teams and at different times.

  • Shane Bond’s Career: Shane’s time as a player in the AFL was noted for his skill and dedication on the field.
  • Troy Bond’s Career: Troy, also an AFL player, earned acclaim as a premiership winner, showcasing his talent in the league.

Their relationship extends beyond professional life, tied by blood and shared legacy in Australian rules football.

Shane Bond and Troy Bond: Age Gap and Career Path

  • Age Gap: Shane is currently 48 years old, and Troy is slightly older at 50. This two-year age gap likely influenced their close relationship and careers in the AFL.
  • Career Path: Despite their close ages, Shane and Troy have charted unique paths in the AFL, each with distinct achievements and a deep love for the sport.

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The Bond Brothers in Australian Rules Football

Shane and Troy Bond have both carved out impressive careers in Australian Rules Football. Shane Bond is known for his robust playing style and has been a significant contributor to the teams he played for.

His journey in the league is adorned with memorable matches and impactful plays. Troy Bond, on the other hand, has made his mark in the AFL with his role in securing a premiership title and his on-field strategies and skills.

These contributions highlight his skill and dedication to the sport.

The Impact of Their Sibling Relationship in AFL

To clarify the situation, they are indeed siblings. (Source: ABC)

The close age gap between Shane and Troy Bond, just two years apart, likely played a crucial role in their upbringing and development in football.

Growing up together, they would have shared a passion for the sport, potentially influencing each other’s professional paths.

While sibling rivalry is natural, especially in competitive sports, it often comes with a deep level of support and understanding.

The Bond brothers exemplify how familial bonds can positively influence professional growth, showcasing their journey in AFL as a story of both competition and camaraderie.

Beyond the AFL: The Bonds’ Life After Retirement

Post their AFL careers, Shane and Troy Bond may have ventured into various fields. Shane could have explored opportunities in coaching, mentoring, or other business ventures, utilizing the skills and experience gained during his AFL career.

Similarly, Troy might have engaged in community work or sports management, applying his extensive knowledge of the game in new arenas.

Legacy of the Bond Brothers in AFL

In terms of their ages, Shane and Troy Bond are relatively close in age. (Source: Facebook)

Shane and Troy Bond’s legacy in AFL extends beyond their playing days. As brothers who excelled in the sport, they have become role models for aspiring athletes, demonstrating the importance of determination, skill, and teamwork.

Their story is often recounted by fans and sports historians, highlighting their contribution to the sport’s history.

The Bond brothers have etched their names in the annals of Australian rules football, creating a legacy that resonates with fans and players alike.


The story of Shane and Troy Bond in AFL is a remarkable narrative that goes beyond individual achievements.

It’s about how their brotherhood enriched both their careers and the sport itself. Their journey in Australian rules football showcases the unique bond they share, making their story a significant chapter in the sport’s history.

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