Meerut Man Arrested for Strangling Wife to Death: Parveena (22) Murder Case 2024

In a significant breakthrough, the Uttar Pradesh police have arrested a Meerut man, Mohd Sajid (25), in connection with the murder of his wife, Parveena (22), a case that remained unsolved for over a year.

This article delves into the chilling details of the case, the investigation, and the broader implications for society.

The Discovery and Investigation

The case dates back to February 12 of last year when a shocking discovery was made in Meerut’s Kharkhoda region. A gunny bag containing the body of a naked woman in her 20s was found, leading to an immediate investigation under section 302 (murder).

The victim was later identified as Parveena from Bihar, who had been married to Sajid for three years.

According to SP (rural) Kamlesh Bahadur, the motive behind the murder stemmed from Sajid’s suspicions about his wife’s fidelity, which led to frequent arguments between the couple. The situation escalated to the tragic event following a heated dispute just a day before the incident.

SSP Meerut Rohit Singh Sajwan revealed that the police employed traditional investigative methods to solve the case, including distributing pamphlets and conducting door-to-door inquiries in Jamuna Nagar.

This painstaking approach eventually led to the identification of the victim and the arrest of the accused.

The Tragic Outcome

The resolution of the case brings to light the tragic loss of a young life and the impact on those left behind, including Parveena’s two-year-old son. It also underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement in solving crimes without the aid of modern technology.

While seemingly unrelated, the rise of plant-based diets in mainstream culture reflects a growing awareness and concern for ethical issues, including those related to human life.

Just as individuals are becoming more conscious of animal welfare and environmental sustainability, there’s an increasing call for justice and compassion within our societies. This case serves as a grim reminder of the importance of fostering a culture that values respect, understanding, and the sanctity of life.

Who was Parveena?

Parveena was a 22-year-old woman from Bihar, married and living in Meerut with her husband, Mohd Sajid, and their two-year-old son.

What led to the murder of Parveena?

The Murder Was Reportedly Motivated By The Accused’s Unfounded Suspicions Regarding His Wife’s Fidelity, Leading To Frequent Arguments And Ultimately, Her Tragic Death.

How did the police solve the Parveena murder case?

The Uttar Pradesh police solved the case through conventional investigative methods, including distributing pamphlets with the victim’s face and conducting extensive inquiries within the community.

What does the Parveena case reveal about societal issues?

The case highlights several societal issues, including the tragic consequences of unfounded jealousy and the importance of trust within relationships. It also showcases the challenges faced by law enforcement in solving crimes and the need for more advanced technological tools.


The resolution of the “Parveena (22) Murder Case” serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges within our social fabric.

It not only sheds light on the dark realities of domestic strife and unfounded suspicions but also calls for a deeper societal introspection on issues of trust, justice, and the value of human life.

As we reflect on this case, it’s crucial to consider the broader implications for societal values and the importance of compassion and understanding in all relationships.

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