Tragic Fatal Crash on I-85 in Belmont Claims Life of Jackson Munsey

A devastating incident unfolded on the southbound lanes of Interstate 85 in Belmont, leading to the untimely death of 65-year-old Jackson Munsey. This tragic crash, occurring in the early hours of a Saturday morning, has left the community in mourning and seeking answers.

At around 1:45 a.m., Belmont Police were alerted to a grave situation on Interstate 85. Upon arrival, they discovered a grim scene: a man’s lifeless body in the far-right lane, a direct result of a collision that could not be averted.

A witness driving in the left lane encountered an unexpected obstacle: a disabled vehicle, shrouded in darkness with no lights, obstructing his path. Despite attempts to avoid it, the collision occurred, forcefully ejecting the driver, Jackson Munsey, onto the roadway, leading to his fatal injuries.

Community and Police Response

Following this heart-wrenching incident, Interstate 85 South was closed for approximately seven hours, allowing for a comprehensive on-scene investigation. The Belmont Police Department has since been making concerted efforts to gather more information, urging witnesses or anyone with knowledge of the crash to come forward.

In their quest for clarity and justice, authorities are appealing to the public for assistance. Traffic Officer Fussell has been designated as the point of contact for anyone willing to provide information, ensuring confidentiality and respect for all contributions.


Who was Jackson Munsey?

Jackson Munsey was a 65-year-old man whose life was tragically cut short in a fatal crash on Interstate 85 in Belmont.

What happened in the crash on Interstate 85?

A collision occurred involving a disabled vehicle without its lights on, leading to Munsey being ejected from his vehicle and suffering fatal injuries.

How can the public assist in the investigation?

Individuals with any information about the crash are encouraged to contact Traffic Officer Fussell at 704-825-3792 to aid the ongoing investigation.

What measures have been taken following the crash?

Interstate 85 South was closed for several hours for investigation, and the Belmont Police Department is actively seeking information from the public to understand the circumstances leading to the crash.


The fatal crash on Interstate 85 in Belmont has cast a shadow over the community, leaving a family to grieve and a community to question how such tragedies can be prevented in the future.

As the investigation continues, the collective hope is that sharing information will not only bring closure to Jackson Munsey’s loved ones but also enhance road safety awareness, preventing future loss of life under similar circumstances.

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